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Civil rights in America didnot move in a straight line.
Democracy in Greece did notmove in a straight line.
The evolution of a unifiedEurope certainly has not moved in a straight line.
And progress isnever a guarantee.
Progress has to be earnedby every generation.
But I believe historygives us hope.
Twenty-five centuries afterAthens first pointed the way, 250 years after thebeginning of the great American journey, my faithand my confidence, my certainty in our democraticideals and universal values remain undiminished.
I believe more strongly thanever that Dr.
King was right when he said that, "The arcof the moral universe is long, but it bendstowards justice.
" (applause) But it bends towardsjustice not because it is inevitable, but because webend it towards justice; not because there are not goingto be barriers to achieving justice, but because therewill be people, generation after generation, who havethe vision and the courage and the will to bend thearc of our lives in the direction of abetter future.
In the United States, and inevery place I have visited these last eight years,I have met citizens, especially young people, whohave chosen hope over fear, who believe that they canshape their own destiny, who refuse to accept the worldas it is and are determined to remake it asit should be.
They have inspired me.
In every corner of theworld, I have met people who, in their daily lives,demonstrate that despite differences of race orreligion or creed or color, we have the capacity to seeeach other in ourselves.
Like the woman here inGreece who said of the refugees arriving on theseshores, "We live under the same sun.
We fall in loveunder the same moon.
We are all human -- we haveto help these people.
" Women like thatgive me hope.
(applause) In all of our communities,in all of our countries, I still believe there'smore of what Greeks call philotimo -- (applause) -- love and respect andkindness for family and community and country, and asense that we're all in this together, with obligationsto each other.
Philotimo -- I see it everyday -- and that gives me hope.
(applause) Because in the end,it is up to us.
It's not somebody else'sjob, it's not somebody else's responsibility, butit's the citizens of our countries and citizens ofthe world to bend that arc of history towards justice.
And that's what democracyallows us to do.
That's why the mostimportant office in any country is not presidentor prime minister.
The most importanttitle is "citizen.
" (applause) And in all of our nations,it will always be our citizens who decide the kindof countries we will be, the ideals that we will reachfor, and the values that will define us.
In this great, imperfect,but necessary system of self-government, power andprogress will always come from the demos --from "We, the people.
" And I'm confident that aslong as we are true to that system of self-government,that our futures will be bright.
Thank you very much.
President Obama in Athens, Greece
The President: You know, oneof the great joys of being a president, is the abilityto travel and see different cultures and meetdifferent people.
That's important for ournational security, but it's also important for us tounderstand it ourselves and our place in the world.
We've got the Parthenonbehind us, part of the acropolis.
It is here in Athens thatso many of our ideas about democracy, our notions ofcitizenship, our notions of rule of law,began to develop.
And so, when you visit asite like this, not only are you getting a betterunderstanding of Greece and western culture, but you'realso sending a signal of the continuity that existsbetween what happened here.
The speeches of Periclesand what happened with our founding fathers.
And it's a very importantrole for the President of the United States to senda signal to the world that their culture, theirtraditions, their heritage, their monuments aresomething of value.
And are precious.
And that we havelearned from them.
Because what that does thenis, I think, sends a strong signal around the world thatwe view ourselves as part of a broader humanity and acommunity of nations that can work together to solveproblems and lift up what's best in humanity.

Operation Cuba Libre 2 (Airsoft Game in Greece 16-10-2016)
Today we're a task force, with the objective of destroying the base of operations of the Cuban drug cartel.
I'm also an EOD tech for this mission, which means I'm tasked with setting up explosives on some key targets, and defusing any trip mines we encounter.
Getting a local to give us information about the cartel.
Since time is not a factor here, and the cartel outnumbers us and is in fact waiting for us, we take it slow and quiet, and use the fog to our advantage.
The loud beep of my watch, which in reality is actually not loud at all may give you a sense of how eerily quiet it was, and how careful we are not to make any noise on the move.
- Move to the right.
Contacts close by.
- Move and focus on those trees.
I got your 12.
- Rally up.
I'm lucky no one was in here, moving in such a confined space with the sniper rifle was a bad idea.
And I was even more lucky that I didn't open the briefcase with much force and the pin didn't leave the grenade from friction.
The radio tower was the first part of our final assault, sadly my camera battery died before we captured their HQ.
- Move up, go go go.
- Are you down?- Yeah.
Got the explosives?- No.
- Keep us covered, I got him.
- Get down, GET DOWN! He's by that rock! - Let's go! Move move! Our second to last objective, destroy the radio tower, on which we're setting up the explosives now.
I know, camera is tilted upwards and you can't see what I'm doing, but I'm setting them up, trust me ;P And that's all for today! Thanks! If you like this, click like and subscribe ! And tell your friends! :).
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