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What is Accessibility for you? - ExchangeAbility ESN Greece
*no speech / discussion/ playing sitting volleyball* *visit to the tactile museum* *Greek sign language courses, the gesture means the word ALL* What is accessibility for you? For me accessibility is the chance to live a life without obstacles *interview via skype* * no speech* What is accessibility for you? It is an environment with equal opportunities to education for all the students It is a basic human right *Greek sign Language courses* All the people with disabilities have to take knowledge, be educated and celebrate like the others for example go out for a drink, listen to music, be happy, play some sports like the others in our society without any problem What is accessibility for you? It is having equal opportunities in life adventures like studying or travelling abroad No speech What is accessibility for you? ExchangeAbility Mobility for All.
It's a shame to talk topeople around you and them thinking you're doingsomething unreal.
When you're telling themthat you're on a roadtrip going to Europe, let'ssay by a motorcycle It's unbelievable when they're looking atyou with their mount open telling you.
<i>"Oh man, by bike?!!!"</i> None of all these people can understandhow strong a feeling it is.
When you're on a roadtrip - Okay, okay - Let's say good morning to three guys,Anestis, Stefanos and Nickolas.
Who are going to Norway and backagain, riding their motorcycles.
- Have a nice trip, surely a dream of alifetime.
They'll share great experiences! - What we did was not something expensive - It was nothing.
- It was just a warehouse,which we basically found.
- Which we equipped withour own personal stuff, a bench, we got three chairs,five bottles of water.
- With simple items we were able toset up our headquarters.
- All the members of the team contributedsomething from our personal items.
Building the headquarters,which served our cause, working for three monthson what we organised.
- A lot of people came and we tried to usepieces that had never been commented on.
And we learnt a lotof things, like the fact that you get easily upsetwhen you're hungry.
- Or that chocolate induces sleep.
- You should installsome camera mounts here.
- To be on the road, filming thewheel and the suspension at work.
I really like this camera angle.
- But you need two or three snacks a day -You name the danger, any danger.
A deer.
- A reindeer.
- Yes! - They talked to us about theequipment we would need.
- Experienced drivers, who havebeen on many roadtrips abroad.
And when you're onsuch a roadtrip, you might forget things usuallytaken for granted.
-What helped us a lot in ourcooperation with Honda - Sarakakis were of course the saferiding lessons in Serres.
We left a month, a month anda half earlier, I think.
- A month earlier.
- No, I think it was June.
- A month ago.
- We left on July 1st.
It's been 20 days.
- 25 - This right, twogears, no brakes still.
Because we're still refining our turn.
Third and fourth gears will be good.
Did you ride throughsome turns to get here? - After everything had been set up,organised, we had learnt everything and everybody had talked to us.
It was time to set off.
Departure had beenarranged for July 1st.
From the White Tower.
- Motorcycles loaded sincethe previous night - Loaded since last night, so as to be ready.
- I, personally, didn't sleep that night.
- Yeah, me neither.
- I think nobody got any sleep.
We couldn't sleep, becausetill the very last moment.
It was such a long trip, we fearedwe might have forgotten something - Very little sleep, and youknow, every time on our previous trips.
I think that's the waywe are on the last night.
- We had to ride for 780kmon the first day.
- Too many! - Taking a route through the Egnatia Motorway and Komotini.
Almost all the way up to Bucharest.
We chose to take this route so as to an easy ride in the beginning.
But also because wewanted to go through.
- What was the name? - Buzludzha.
- It was a fantastic building in design, like a UFO.
- It was as if it had just landed there! - The horses! - On the second day it was funny, wecouldn't communicate with our helmets on.
And we wasted an hour.
- The weird guys gesturing with their helmets on.
What was that! - On the day after the hassle with thehelmets and the intercommunication system we went to the People's House that's how they call it,because the Parliament sits inside.
And it is really imposing, especially considering thatit has been like this for 25 years.
- It was a Saturdaymorning, right? There was a lot of traffic on the streets.
- And we left from Bucharest,to go through Transfaqarasan.
- I think that place makes up forall the hassle you've been through.
I think we've beenthrough this street again - We had a stop at Sibiu,from where we would start a very long ride of about500 to 600 kilometres - To go to Kosice which would takeus past the foot of Transalpina where unfortunately, without us knowing, - There were many roadconstruction sites.
- Too many.
- It's so nice here! There are only traffic lights,each one lasting 3 to 4 minutes - Come on traffic light!You're getting annoying! - Come on, it's green - green.
- On the fourth day, we wokeup in the morning at Kosice.
- It's the day when we went to theparking lot to get the motorcycles for a ride in the city, in themorning before we leave Kosice.
- Good morning! - Good morning! - We are at Augustow, yeah Ithink I've got that right.
- It's the first timeyou've said it right! - And where are we going? - We're going to Riga.
There goes Poland! - At Riga we got upthe next morning we went to Tallin.
A beautiful city.
We took the E67.
The most legendarymotorway in Europe.
- We went for a nice walk inTallin, headed for the port.
- It was the big ship wetook while on the trip.
- From Tallin to Helsinki,it took about two hours.
Maybe a bit more.
Turn right and then left.
I set it up at Lahti - Go ahead.
We've got enough gas to make it.
It's only a hundred kilometres.
- Good morning - Good morning.
- We're getting ready to leaveLahti and go where, Anestis? - Santa Claus Village! - Where? - Santa Claus Village! -Rovaniemi – Rovaniemi - What Stefanos said,that's where we're going.
- What's that exactly? A propeller? - The White Tower ofThessaloniki with a propeller! - Spot on, man! - Stef? - Yeah, what's up? - Let's take it off road, man.
- This road is for the Africa! - This road was made for the Africa! - We went to Santa Claus Village.
Midsummer in Greece.
And for us, it was Christmas! It was wonderful! -We went in Santa's post office.
Wrote to our beloved ones.
- We sent a letter and somepresents to our people.
-There is no place like Halkidiki! - So it's official.
- You enter the North Pole! - You don't quite feel it.
Thinking "Am I in the North Pole?" - But, as you go up.
And it's July and you see the snow, the weather, the temperature dropping.
-Watch it! Watch it! Watch it! - Holy s**t! - It's okay, it's okay.
- You hadn't seen them, had you? - All along the route, reindeer everywhere! - They can easily jump over the bars and stand right in front of you.
At that moment youneed to have luck.
- Why are they filming? They can't even see us! - You can't see a thing! - Zero visibility.
It's nine degrees, gentlemen.
- We're here! - We're here! -We're at Nordkapp and we're excited! The weather might havespoiled it a bit for us.
- Wait, wait, wait.
A bit? It couldn't be worse! - Still, we couldn't be more excited! We've reached our target! - Excited??? You were crying when we came in! - I was freezing, that's why! But where have we come from? Where have we come from? This place! -Come on! - We've come from this place and since we come from this place excitement is all we can have! You should know that! -Okay, so listen! Over there, there is a cliff.
They say it's almost 300 metres deep all the way down to the sea.
This scenery is fantastic! - Can you see that? No? Neither can we! - It can happen to anyone, to travel so many kilometres only to come here and notbe able to see the scenery because the weather is bad! - We can say we were off road.
A bear came out of nowhere and to save ourselves.
At least you dropped it nice.
We set off, again in rainy weather, again in dull weather.
- But now we know, we arecrossing a beautiful country.
- We still hadn't realised we werein the most beautiful country! That was the first contact.
With the fiords as well.
- With the fiords in general, so the landscape is gettingmore and more magical with every turn.
- I remember Anestis wanting to stopevery 200 metres to take pictures - Norway was full of waterfalls.
- Everywhere! - Mountains,'shedding tears'.
- 'Tears'.
At Reine we enjoyed theclear weather so much, the whole ride if you remember.
It was just amazing! It was the one and only daywith no rain in Norway.
- It's unbelievable! Every place seems tojump out of a postcard! - Yes, it's absolutely wonderful.
- Today we watched incredible things! Stefanos? -Yes, please! What did we watch today? - On the twelfth day.
and when we try to takethe route to Trondheim.
We realised that we were descending Because we had gone throughthese streets again.
- There was a monument in Norway, where we also stopped.
- My eyes are starting to get wet.
I'm not looking down! You placed me on the right side next to the cliff - Take a look.
It's fantastic! You shouldn't look, you shouldn't look, You shouldn't look, you shouldn't look, - Take a look, man!It's not to be missed.
-I'll watch it in the video.
Nevermind! - It's an altitude of morethan 1000 metres.
Look! - Oh, man!!! - Look at this little flower.
I love it! - Elias and Paschalis would bewaiting for us at the border.
Where with two Africas 650cc They essentially came to welcome The three new arrivals, so that we could alltogether enter Thessaloniki.
- Hey, dweeb!Come here, let me hug you.
- One phrase.
- One phrase? - One word, one phrase,one sentence.
whatever you want! - Let's do it again! <i>But it's too cold here!</i> <i>I want to go back to the sun!</i> <i>Have a nice travel!</i> <i>I see you on the internet</i> <i>Walk tall guys!</i> <i>Have a nice trip!</i> <i>- Come on, come on car!</i> <i>- We must give the car aname and not just say 'car'</i> <i>- Suzie!</i> <i>- Suzie!Ok.
</i> <i>- We should call it Nora.
</i> - By<i> 'Suzie' they mean us?</i> <i>- Who's Nora?</i> - What's up? Let me just say somethingto break the ice, to help us relax infront of the camera.
So, imagine you're out and yousee a girl you're interested in.
You' ve talked toher a couple of times and you run into her withseven of her girlfriends and it's so embarrassing,but you have to go and say 'hi'.
You go up to her, sit down.
And because you feelthe need to act cool you come out with aparanoid tone of voice something like.
</i> <i>'WHAT'S UP?'</i> Making a fool of yourself! - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? <i>-WHAT'S UP?</i> <i>NORDKAPPWHAT'S UP?</i> - What's up? -WHAT'S UP? <i>-WHAT'S UP?</i> <i>-WHAT'S UP?</i> - We'll see now.
a rare bird.
and you have to be quiet - A local bird? - Yes.
- That pops up behind the shrubs? - Yes.
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